We achieve excellent levels of debt recovery through a combination of tried and tested collection methods, highly capable and motivated collection staff, together with effective and efficient processes supported by a unique state of the art in-house developed system.

We aim to balance the speed of our collection on the debt with a duty of care that protects the brand and reputation of our client.

What do we do?

We specialise in the speedy and effective recovery of outstanding debt including swift enforcement procedures with no outlay to our clients.


As we work on a NO Success NO Fee basis, it is in our best interest to collect as swiftly as possible using the most effective debt collection methods available. We assess each and every matter handed over in great detail before deciding what course of action we will take.

As each matter has to be judged on its own merits, the type of debt collection action will depend on certain criteria such as the age of the debt, the profile of the debtor and the feasibility of recovering our costs.

You can be assured that whatever course of debt recovery action we will take for your particular debts, it will be the best possible method to collect as swiftly as possible.

Our actions can include the following:

  • Data enrichment
  • Profiling and assessment of a debtor's ability to pay
  • SMS, letter, e-mail and outbound telephone call campaigns
  • Prompt remittance of monies collected
  • Comprehensive monthly reporting
  • Monthly client liaison meetings


In cases where we have contact but the debtors refuse to make any payment towards the outstanding debt, it may sometimes be necessary to proceed with legal action in order to recover your debts.

Through our contracted panel of attorneys, we ensure a smooth transition between the soft collection process and legal action.

The decision to take legal action can be a daunting one, especially due to the uncertain level of costs involved. Where possible we offer our clients fixed price legal services and an assessment of the debtors' means to pay. This enables our clients to make informed decisions about which debtors to pursue legally and how far they wish to proceed down this avenue.


Not all debtors can be contacted on the information supplied during the credit application process. We provide tracing in the form of a soft trace and or hard trace where a field agent visits the defaulting debtor with the view to complete a trace pack.

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